What They’re Saying

Rewire, December 21, 2017:

“The best part about the show? You don’t even need to be a sports fan to enjoy it. The hosts use sports as gateways into other issues like pay equality and gender equity in professional leagues, and, ultimately, just about every issue you could think of. I’ve played sports all my life and am ride-or-die for women’s soccer. So it is fantastic to finally have a show that delves into these issues and understands that not all sports fans live in man-caves in their basement.”

Bitch Magazine, Winter 2018 issue (#77):

“This podcast is a who’s who of amazing women sports writers [who] tackle sports and politics with a decidedly feminist bent.”

Shondaland, October 19, 2017:

“Not only can this diverse group of friends be counted on to bring an intersectional eye to everything they discuss, they’re also on the ball when it comes to basic coverage, as well. If you’re looking for a pitch perfect recap of the World Cup qualifiers, or you’re dying to know about the WNBA All Star Weekend, then “Burn It All Down” really is “the feminist sports podcast you need.””

Ozy, July 3, 2017:

“For a growing group of podcast listeners, especially women, Burn It All Down represents a needed addition to the sports media landscape.”